I really like to not look at them when they’re nowhere near water if I can help it. Just... it’s so jarring when they’re in street clothes. By jarring I mean disappointing. For example - Michael Phelps in the pool? HOT. Great skin, good bone structure, strong jaw, intense eyes, great smile, the confidence is super sexy, and of course, he wins. As soon as he’s away from the pool though? Totally not the same. Swim Week is over.

Many of you have been asking about Nathan Adrian. Nathan Adrian > Ryan Lochte. For you, Nathan Adrian is the one.



I think it’s because in Toronto, we grew up with a lot of Nathan Adrians. But this is about you. So here’s Nathan Adrian last night at the Speedo party in London and later with his swim teammates at a kebab shoppe, including Natalie Coughlin in heels, the recipient of a Nathan Adrian street massage.

Also attached - a weathered looking Lochte leaving at the end of the night showing off his pants problem. That is not a great fit, is it?