I receive a lot of requests for Nathan Fillion. And because he’s not a cover boy, he’s very rarely papped. It was a nice surprise then to see these shots of him, taken the other night, as he and his girlfriend were leaving dinner. Erm. I’m not sure if I’m down with her outfit. Why is she dressing like Miley Cyrus’s mom?

I wonder if he’ll read this. He does seem to spend a lot of time alone, very engaged and active with his Twitter followers, rather aware of what’s being said about him on the webs. Now I’m not sure I should include the bit about the gf’s clothes. Because I love him. He is delightful. SO funny and chill and nice and kind...

Then again, it kinda had to be said. Why would anyone want to look like Tish Cyrus?

Here’s Nathan prepping for the Video Game Awards last week. Have I mentioned he’s a rock star at Comic-Con. Like, think of how those crazy girls get all intense about Justin Bieber. Now imagine that same thing, only, substitute the girls with the nerd herd. It’s trippy.

Photos from Flynetonline.com