Relax, shippers!

I mean the actors…

It’s not just TwiHards who get all TwiHardy about their favourite couple. Castle fans are some of the most intense television watchers out there. And they waited four seasons for their characters to finally kiss in the finale last month. How was it for you?

Here’s your man Nathan Fillion in Monaco today at the Monte Carlo TV and Film Festival. His fiancé Kate Luyben is with him on the trip. It’s not often there are so many shots of him available. I’ve included as many as I can. Meanwhile Stana Katic had her hair up all high at the Crystal + Lucy Awards in Beverly Hills last night. I don’t love it. I want to, but I don’t.

UPDATE – look I’m getting yelled at already by Nathan Fillion fans! The photo agency labelled the woman Kate whatever. According to Fillion lovers, her name is not Kate. I’m sorry. But can you still enjoy the pictures, right?