Favourite story of the day, oh la.

Mark Salling was dealing with Naya Rivera. She thought she was his main girl. In his mind, supposedly, there is no main girl. There are several girls on rotation, just like Puck. So according to Us Weekly, when Naya found out, she went Carrie Underwood on his ass.

There was a nice car, there was an angry bitch, flanked by her angry bitch friends, and there was a key.

I wonder what that looks like on set. Love high school drama so f-cking much.

This is Mark shooting Glee yesterday. His friend says he’s not hurting about the damage at all, and why would he when he has a new ride every night?

As for Naya, for us it was entertaining but for her in the long run, probably not the best move. It’s one thing to get played, it’s another to let the world know you’re upset about getting played. Better revenge? Not a boy, but a job. Land a movie – he can’t find that late night in a club.

Also attached – Naya and Mark in happier times.

Photos from CelebrityJuicer/Roshan Perera/Splashnewsonline.com and Michael Buckner/Gettyimages.com