One of my closest friends Julie – love her – she quit smoking years ago, is one of those ex smokers who is, like, evangelical about cigarettes: it’s filthy, it’s going to kill you, don’t do it, stop doing it, why are you doing it, you really shouldn’t do it…

I, on the other hand, I’m the other kind of ex smoker. Though I stopped over a month ago, I know that I will always love smoking. Smoking for me will be like that bad boy who keeps breaking your heart and taking your money, the one you can’t even talk on the phone with, because a phone call will most certainly lead to a booty call. The point is, I get it. I get how hard it is to quit. I get that smoking is sometimes that one vice some might never leave.

But what of the superstar who claims no vices? Who claims transcendence over addiction thanks to studied enlightenment and almost supernatural self control?

Husband, hero, healer…What would his followers think of his other closeted habit? Methol ciggies alledgedly sucked back like a fiend behind closed doors - yet another secret on top of all the others. Or is it that the one super suppressed secret is spawning the others? Is it the keeping of the Big Secret that compels him to cope by secretly smoking?

Is smoking a big deal? Of course not. But for someone whose image is largely based on selling perfection, whose status supposedly is said to render him immune to addiction, who can apparently assist in overcoming it – smoking is indeed a bit hypocritical, though by comparison to his other fraud, I suppose it’s all relative.