I’m sorry. I couldn’t resist. Because when Hugh Jackman is singing about tops and bottoms, well, you know.

Anyway, I still haven’t watched all of the Tony Awards yet but I have gone through most of Neil Patrick Harris’s highlights and, as mentioned earlier in today’s open, he more than delivered last night, almost like he’d been saving it up all year, since there wasn’t much to work with on How I Met Your Mother. I’m sorry. Many of you write about the show all the time, and 3 seasons ago, totally. But it has turned to sh-t and lost me forever. NPH deserves more. Look at him. Watch him. He deserves a lot more.

Below, NPH’s delightful opening number, and his sing-off, dance-off, jazz-hands-off with Hugh Jackman. Both are worth your time. I promise. Come back to it at lunch, or take a morning break right now.

Photos from Wenn.com