Ausiello is reporting it. Says he found out at the Globes. And there are indeed several shots of Ryan Murphy and NPH tete-a-tete at an afterparty...

Neil Patrick Harris to guest star on Glee!

Word is the fine points are still being worked out including whether or not CBS will allow it but that’s just a formality. You think it can’t get any better and then... apparently Joss Whedon will direct the episode.

If there was ever any reason to jumpy clap, now would be the time.

We’ll have to wait ‘til May. But it will be worth it, SO worth it.

Photos attached of NPH (sugar can wear that tux, non?) at the Globes the other night and Glee celebrating their win. Um, those bitches need to get the f-ck out of Jane Lynch’s way. I cannot see her.

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