All these photos came up on the agencies yesterday...

Random what?

Apparently they’re doing some new talent reality show together. I didn’t spend a lot of time researching. But it was Nelly’s birthday yesterday and he celebrated with, I guess, his new best friend, Joe Jonas.

When the Jonas Brothers were still something people cared about, they came to Toronto for the MuchMusic Video Awards and I remember, we weren’t allowed to smoke on the balcony anymore because they were doing some interviews there and absolutely not could they be photographed or seen in the vicinity of cigarettes. There may have even been a geographical limit like 50 feet or something.  It was strict adherence to the brand - clean, God, pure.

And now the Middle Vagina Virgin is rolling with Nelly...?

Nelly’s music videos are one of my favourite things in life. Like my Mimi but not quite. Have you seen a Nelly music video? How about the video for Batter Up? What would Joe Jonas do if he found himself in a Nelly music video? Imagine that. Now help me make it happen.