“I like knowing things”

So do I, Rory Gilmore.

I like knowing what I’ll be doing on November 25th, the day after American Thanksgiving, when the four ‘seasons’ of Gilmore Girls drop on Netflix.

I like knowing that, though Lorelai’s kitchen table is intact, and still cluttered enough to give me anxiety, you both appear to have grown up. In fact, Rory, I’m most struck by how adult you seem. How measured, compared to your mother. How not like Lorelai, while of course still being your own Lorelai.

Because for me, that’s what the show has always been about. How do you not become your mother, whether you think she’s toxic or completely wonderful, but liable to overshadow you? How do you turn into your own person when your focus has always been on your relationship with your family?

I also like knowing that all the town’s establishments are still there, but to be honest, Rory, I wasn’t really worried about whether or not Doose’s exists in 2016. Taylor Doose is alive and well as the head of Canada's NDP,  and I hope that we spend our four-times-90-minutes on the important stuff, like who you are now and whether you know you babble too much in front of Michelle Obama, and who you are, Lorelai, and if you ever got over certain blind spots about Luke.

I like knowing things that I don’t know. Like, where’s Emily? What bad-boy (or girl) decisions have you made on the road that you’re not really sorry about? Is Lane going to get a decent storyline or are we going to be annoyed at her kids running around with Supersoakers? Is it pushy of me, Rory, to assume you’ll have a meaningful relationship with your high school best friend? It might be – after all, why should I have different standards for you than for other friends in my life?

Mostly, I don’t know who will be with me on November 25th. I have friends I share a love of Stars Hollow with, but we’re all a lot busier than we used to be. I have friends who would love it, but who willfully don't participate. I may make elaborate plans to do this ‘with’ someone, only to realize that actually, I want to experience this on my own, or at least, alone with you guys.

I’ll let you know.