Written by Duana

Email exchange:

Lainey: Unless - do you care about Neve Campbell? Because YIKES.
Me: She is my girl crush
Lainey: Oh Christ.

Yes, ‘another one’. The facts are as follows: Campbell is Canadian, and before she was Julia Salinger, she played a parallel-universe Brenda Walsh type (well, if Brenda was chilled) called Daisy on a show called Catwalk. It was about a band. It aired at 10 PM Wednesdays. I wanted to be her.

And then came Julia Salinger, whom we loved (until the Ned years), a super-successful horror franchise, a series of ever-weirder art films, including a ‘controversial’ ‘sexy’ one. (When Will I Be Loved, you pervs).

So OK. She took the non-traditional route. No problem. She took her Scream money and made some for-the-heart projects, and she’s actively not an ingénue and not a starlet. She’s adopted London as her home with her (then) husband, and is an actor. Not an actress. Distinction mine (but probably hers as well).

But, since she’s not trying to be seen as the girl next door (Scream revival aside, and I cannot WAIT), she’s not dressing young, desire-me, and still she’s certainly not old enough to dress ‘I am a grande dame, take me seriously’ . Also, it must be said, she doesn’t have the credits for that either. I hold out hope for Campbell in her 40s, though. Either way, people who are born the same age as her include Heidi Klum, Kate Beckinsale, Tori Spelling – not exactly known for their demureness. I don’t know what her plan is for her image in the next little while – obviously she has some or she wouldn’t be at the BAFTAs – but I’m not sure who she wants to be, wearing this. Of course – sometimes a dress really is just a dress.

Having said that, there’s no excuse for the makeup. That is Campbell going ‘who wants to waste time in the chair? I’m just going to do it myself’, and slapping it on before she heads out the door. I believe the moral here is that if you need to choose between makeup artist and no makeup artist, the answer is always, cough up the cash and call them.

Which makes me wonder if there was a charter flight of American makeup artists all headed over to the BAFTAs to do their favourite people’s faces. You think they get fought over?

Photos from Wenn.com