Neve Campbell was in Toronto at the Marilyn Denis Show today promoting Scream 4. Not really sure about her choice in footwear but she looks good, right? Neve is single now but told Health Magazine recently that after having spent so much time on humanitarian missions in South Africa, she is becoming more and more serious about adoption.

Right now though, it’s somewhat of an attempt to get back into movies. Wes Craven wanted to update Sidney Prescott and the franchise. There’s a part of me, naïve?, that wants to believe that even though she needs to jumpstart the career, she wouldn’t have said yes if the script wasn’t pretty clever and closer to the intended spirit of the original. That may be optimistic but I like the trailer, I like the smugness of it, and I actually want to see Scream 4, for no other reason than to gape at Courteney Cox’s face. Jesus that sh-t is crazy. Also Hayden Panettiere’s hair is the sh-ts.

Photos from Wenn.com