Gotta pay your dues in any industry…but especially in hers. However, it seems like the New Bitch doesn’t care for respecting the veterans in her business and so she is making enemies of almost everyone she works with and everyone who works with everyone she works with. For such a close knit community, this certainly doesn’t bode well, especially when the freshman glow starts to recede.

But such foresight has escaped her and she’s burning bridges left right and centre, issuing demands normally reserved for bonafide legends in the business and treating the “workers” like they were born to serve her. During a recent tantrum, when she was given some professional advice, and instead of taking the criticism and learning from it, she waved her finger around, humiliating the person trying to help her, and tore him a new asshole: “I don’t need you to tell me what to do. I AM (this business) and I saved it too!” and then of course sulked for an hour and refused to work.

And then there’s the insecurity. The minute another big name female gets brought up, the backstabbing begins. “Oh please… she is so fat next to me, she should just go home” or “Girl is gettin’ OLD! She should stop worrying about what I’m doing – it’s stressin’ her out!”

Now as women…let’s face it… we are ALL catty. But the smart ones do it in a safe environment, with our girls, with those we trust. But the New Bitch’s ego is so out of control, she drops her insults everywhere, all the time, and she thinks she’s above repercussion.

Dead Wrong.

With the exception of her own team – and they’re milking her dry anyway – most people in the industry hate her with a passion. And while they would never intentionally bring her down, they will certainly make her feel unwelcome. So one day when she needs a friend, she may not have anyone to help. Hospitality is not an eternal river.