Remember Kate Hudson’s hysterically bad poster for what looks to be her upcoming hysterically bad movie A Little Bit of Heaven? Click here if you’ve forgotten. No, I haven’t seen A Little Bit of Heaven. And, sure, there’s a chance it might not totally suck. But that poster is not a good sign.

By contrast, here’s a new poster for Blue Valentine that’s just been released.


Not only because it’s hot, but because it’s actually a true representation of many of the emotions in the film: their desperate, heartbreaking love, told sometimes uncomfortably invasively, as though you’ve snuck into this couple’s house and are watching them fall apart from a crack in the hall closet, just like it seems you’ve stumbled onto a raw and hungry private moment between them here in an alley. Doesn’t the poster remind you of the clip? The feeling you get, that maybe you might be too close? But you still really, really want to know them? I’m posting the video again.

Sees now that’s a poster.

And this is Ryan Gosling on the set of Drive last night in LA.

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