There's a new Divergent featurette.

I mean, watch it, by all means – but it’s the same damn thing as we’ve seen before.

Tris is Divergent! Lots of cutting between industrial street scenes and fight scenes!  You really don’t know what’s going on, what a “faction” is, or why you should care, but it’s okay because the lighting seems ominous so maybe that’s enough reason to be worried. Also, Kate Winslet is in the featurette so it must be some legitimate production and not just an effort to get kids in to watch people kiss while they ride the outside of a subway!

If you haven’t read the books, I’m irritated because the actual story is a nuanced investigation of whether you can change your very nature, and how much nurture plays into that in your formative years. It’s interesting!  But we’re never going to see that because shots of kids walking/running in combat black is so compelling?

Like if I didn’t know anything about the book, I wouldn’t go see the movie based on this trailer – or, pardon me, “featurette”. (Don’t we have to get past 90 seconds in length to be considered a featurette?) Would you? Does this make you care?