New trailer for Gone Girl that was released during the Emmys is now online. It’s the most of Rosamund Pike’s Amy Dunne that we’ve seen so far.

I’m trying to decide about her voice. Pike has a lovely, low voice. Did you hear Amy’s voice like that in your head? Did Amazing Amy speak in a sultry seductive voice? Or was her voice more like a bell in your head?

I want to say it was more like a bell. But one of Amy’s rages later on was about playing that game – the perfect girl game: guys want the girl who’s cool and fun and light and breezy and CUTE, always cute, but also smart and challenging and suggestive. In other words…everything.  Amy felt the pressure to be everything. She had to sound like a siren AND a bell. I can hear the siren here. I don’t know if we’ll get the bell later. And I can’t wait to see how her voice changes when we meet the manipulative, calculating, bitter wife.

As for this new poster they’ve released of Ben Affleck as Nick contemplating his fate…

Or is that Batfleck struggling with his responsibilities? I mean, I know Ben has a certain physique but why are we asking Nick to stand around on the shoreline looking like a tormented superhero? Look at him. He’s practically Batman AND Superman in this shot!

Also attached – Affleck at Disneyland with his daughter yesterday.