No, motherf-cker, it is NOT November yet.

It’s not even close to being November. And even in November it’s the third week. So we must satisfy ourselves with any crumbs we can get. New posters work for me.

Several of them were released yesterday. Of course my favourite is Snape. If I had my own room and was banished there regularly I would totally have him on the back of my door. As it were, because we rent, we have nothing on our walls. Making a mental note to do something about this.

While we wait impatiently, Emma Watson is at Brown, enjoying life as regularly as possible around campus, doing campus-y things, wearing campus-y clothes, hanging out with her campus-y friends, engaging in an experience separate from show business. Sorry to sound like your mother but it makes her a more well-rounded person. At least she will know something else. Because most of them know nothing else. They only know about being an actor/celebrity/famewhore. It’s a little limiting.

And it’s still not November.

Photos from and INFphoto