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Am all for the New Kids, totally. But have to say, these pictures are a little embarrassing. Or maybe it’s just me. Apparently doing the boat thing is where it’s at these days. John Mayer, right?

This weekend NKOTB launched their cruise in Miami, bringing back 80s cheese for photographers. Please, please, please let them be making a LOT of money for this. Please.

As for who’s sailing with them – you’d be surprised. Our friend Jen B wanted to go. She pitched it hard too. Even though she’s interviewed them, and attended at least 2 NKOTB concerts in the last 9 months, most recently 2 months ago, she made a case to go. And could find no one who, um, shared her enthusiasm.

New Kids fans are hardcore. Jen’s not even close to the worst.

My current favourite story courtesy Jen and Laura who drove to a New Kids show recently somewhere in Pennsylvania: First of all some crazy roughneck with a perm and 4 kids from 3 dads kept tossing her beer in the air whenever Donnie came close to their end of the stage. Then, afterwards, somehow Jen and Laura ended up by the tour buses. Don’t ask.

They were joined by other roughnecks similar to the beer spilling hag from inside the concert. Some of them were missing teeth, all were eager to catch a glimpse of the boys. The arena back doors opened and suddenly one of them starts screaming at a woman exiting:

“You f-cking whore bitch! You goddamn c-nt! I will CUT YOU! I will CUT YOU!!!!”

Even Roughneck’s friend was taken aback. So she asked her – who you yellin’ at, girl?

The answer:

“I think that’s Joey’s wife.”

This is what Twi-hards will be like when Robert Pattinson finally confirms a girlfriend.

Photos from Wenn.com

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