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As I first reported on Twitter on Friday night, cast and crew of New Moon partied at Blue Water Café – click here to review my tweets. The intrepid Vancity Allie was outside and delivers a comprehensive report – you can read her blog here.

As I tweeted, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were planning on heading over together, but thought better of it as a result of photographers and fans standing outside, so K arrived with Ashley Greene, and RP arrived alone, although that was not the case at 3am…

Pop Sugar has the photos that Twi-Hards have been Photo Assuming all weekend. There are also more photos from PUNKD/DZILLA and AH that you can access here. Can you hear the screaming? OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! Are Bella and Edward notebooking? As Gretchen from Thousand Oaks, CA wrote to me “NO girl sits with a guy between her legs unless he's been there before.” Heh. Allie says they spent a lot of time together smoking and I’m told from inside the party that when she wasn’t with Robert Kristen was super tight with Ashley Greene. Would love to tell you that KS and RP went back to the hotel and f-cked for hours after hopping in the car together at the end of the night but the only sure thing is that he was on an early Saturday flight to LA. It was a quick trip as he returned to Vancouver last night to resume shooting on New Moon. A couple of photos attached from airport. And video too.

More pictures of his arrival in Vancouver can be seen here - he was papped straight up in the face, LA styles. Vancouver is officially Hollywood, see?

Continuing to shoot Volturi tribunal today. And Felix and Edward will fight. Fans will love what’s on tap next. It’s a flashback/dream sequence. Keep you posted.

Photos of Pattinson at airport from PUNKD Images

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