It was exactly a year ago now that Star Magazine repeatedly accused Ashton Kutcher of stepping out on Demi Moore. Click here for a refresher. He denied the claims, threatened to sue the publication (but never did), they made a series of gushy, touchy public appearances together, and eventually the story went away.

Star Magazine is at it again. Etalk will be featuring the cover story today on the show as the magazine’s new issue screeches: World Exclusive It’s Over! Demi & Ashton’s $290 million divorce! Something about him being a chronic cheater and an affair with Britney Spears???

Um, as of yesterday they were still tweeting each other. Well, she was tweeting him, including him on tweets promoting Football for Good, a charity project they’re doing together. I find it hard to believe they’d let Star Magazine be right. And, frankly, I find it hard to believe she’d leave him anyway. That’s the difference between Hollywood and “us”. It’s why you can’t often apply your standards to their lives. Their “arrangements” cover a lot more than what they can sell in magazines. And no, I don’t mean Demi is gay.

Here she is last night in New York at the Lifetime premiere of Five looking particularly gaunt. I have a friend who worked the event. She texted me: “Demi Moore is beautiful but holy sh-t soooo f-cking skinny, like more than I’ve ever seen her. More than Duchess Kate!”

Not that Demi isn’t always spare. She has been spare and lean for a long time. But was it a little extra last night? Or have I just been staring at the Star Magazine cover for too long this morning?