Sarah is American and I feel bad asking her to write a Star Wars post on her Thanksgiving break so you’re stuck with me for this Star Wars article. Another TV spot was released yesterday. At first I was like, Jesus, does Star Wars really need to build all this anticipation? EVERYONE is going to see Star Wars. I already have my tickets for Saturday, December 19th. And I got them 3 weeks ago, 7 weeks ahead of time!

But then I clicked play. And that music, that f-cking music. And seeing the air combat footage – so familiar and so improved – and a new adversary in a black robe, and the light sabres, and the urgency, and the Wookie’s howl…

Well fine. I’m an emotional sucker so no, no complaints here. Also, as Sarah already predicted, I’m worried about Oscar Isaac. Terrible things are going to happen to Oscar Isaac. But amazing things are going to be happening for John Boyega and Daisy Ridley. “There’s been an awakening…”

Imagine what it must be like for these two. Right now, nobody knows them, really. On December 17, the entire universe will know them. Our entire galaxy will probably know them. An existing generation will worship them forever. A new generation will worship them forever. They’ve stepped into an identity that is ETERNAL. Once Star Wars, always Star Wars. Of course it’s exciting. But it’s also f-cked up. Think about it. Millions of people, literally millions, will, at the same time, lock in on John Boyega and Daisy Ridley and define them by this one thing, this mega pop culture thing, maybe the biggest pop culture thing of our time.

Star Wars.

Star Wars is about as universally bonding as chocolate, or sex.

Attached – John at the Spirit Awards nominations earlier this week and Daisy at a Star Wars fashion event yesterday in London.