More trailer analysis...

I don’t actually know how a movie like New Year’s Eve keeps making itself. But now you know why Ashton Kutcher went back to television. Even he couldn’t stand this sh-t anymore. Let’s put the tall guy and the short girl together and make them kiss!

What is it? It’s a series of cute formulaic movie scenes with so called Chick Lit snappy dialogue. And a guy running down the street chasing the girl who got away, only to find her and tell her she’s the One...just as the ball drops!

Also, Katherine Heigl must be stopped. She delivers the same line the same way every time she acts. So yeah, of course, a lot of people will see this movie. For the same reason people went to see Valentine’s Day which was, like, offensively bad.

I do however, and always have, love the sound of Michelle Pfeiffer’s voice. I’m just so sad she’s wasting it on this. had a great list of predictable predictions. Click here to read.

And then there’s my Taylor Kitsch’s first trailer for Battleship without a Brain. That should have been the title. Something happens in the water and a lot of guns have to go off. Taylor plays Pete Maverick on a boat. Only fighter jets move a lot faster. I don’t know how exciting it’s going to be to watch something that takes an hour to start floating. Then again, when it comes to the movies, people don’t seem to ask for much these days as long as the aliens change shape in funky cool new ways, yeahhhh!

My primary thought while watching this trailer though, and I’ve only seen it once because um, who needs to see it again, was...

Why is Alexander Skarsgard wearing a scarf?