Dear Gossips,

Yesterday I learned that “new age” has been rebranded. Now we’re supposed to call it “mysticore” and “mysticore” is the new “normcore”. Normcore was going out of your way to be un-cool and by doing so, that was cool. “Mysticore” is embracing the extraordinary, the supernatural, the magic. So, basically, in the Harry Potter world, it’s Professor Trelawney’s class. Sybil Trelawney was the Divination witch and, some argue, we are in the era of the witch, the witch being the “ultimate symbol of female power”. Is she also gluten-free? That was my takeaway from this article.

Since I follow Chinese astrology, I suppose I might qualify as “mysticore”. I also love magic and clothes printed with stars and moons. But I hate the word “mysticore”. And I wonder how “mysticore” will affect celebrity. This is a movement that should favour the celebrity since, the way I read it, “mysticore” emphasises “personal desire” and emotion-driven response over “logic and solid judgment”. No one loves an “I FEEL” statement more than a famous person.

Yours in gossip,