This is, like, the third time this year that reports are originating out of the UK announcing the imminent demise of the Madonna/Guy Ritchie marriage. Following previous attempts by the Daily Mail and The Mirror, The Sun is now taking a stab at the story, claiming exclusively that it’s final: Madge and Guy will divorce and a statement will be issued very, very soon.

Third time’s the charm?

They say both have thrown in the towel, tired of “living with the pretence” – convenient of course because while Madonna continues to take her tour across North America, Guy is fully committed in London to shooting Sherlock Holmes. As such, their extended separation has prompted speculation that neither cares to prioritise the marriage any longer.

So far, no official word has been released but since this broke last night, every other British publication is racing to add to The Sun’s report with The Daily Mail going so far as to throw my GOOPy Gwyneth into the mix – something about the GOOPster’s tenacious attempts to salvage the Ritchie relationship, “begging” Madonna to stay married to a man she considers a wonderful father for the sake of their children.

According to the Mail, a Madge/Guy split would be Gwynnie’s “worst nightmare”. Because then they won’t be able to be yummy mummies together anymore in London.

Worst nightmare???

They overkilled that one a bit, non?


True or false? Have they finally got it right? Madge and Guy over?

We were watching I’m Going To Tell You A Secret, Iain and I, the other night. Have you seen it? The film offers a brief but rather insightful glimpse into what makes/made Madge and Guy work. It’s an extremely amusing and interesting dynamic: he really doesn’t give a sh-t who she is and she almost gets off on it.

There’s a scene from The Punchbowl, their London pub. It’s Guy’s birthday, he’s carousing with friends, singing, boozing, being a manly man, completely ignoring her, and she’s bored out of her tree. At some point she keeps whining that she wants to go home. But stays. And then falls asleep on a bench.

Fascinating her taste in men. Can she let Guy go?

I’m not convinced.

But then again, it’s not like she ever does what you expect anyway.

Will keep you posted.

Here she is last night in New York. Watching back Truth or Dare, her body really was so much sexier back then.

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