Comic-Con Saturday brought the two big dogs to Hall H, DC and Marvel. DC was up first, with a jam-packed panel that kicked off with Suicide Squad. They had a HUGE push for this movie at the convention, which only adds to the whispers that Suicide Squad, like Superhero Face Punch before it, has gone way over budget. But the centerpiece of all the advertising was the panel and the new trailer they premiered. Superhero Face Punch didn’t win over audiences, so it’s down to Suicide Squad to save the year for DC films.

And I think it can do it. This trailer—which is edited more like a music video than an actual movie trailer—is slick and fun, hitting the perfect mix of Day Glo action and a darker tone. Warner Brothers wants their DC films to be a more grown-up counterpoint to the primary colored quippy universe of Marvel Studios, and Suicide Squad is the only thing yet seen from them that, I feel, truly defines DC’s cinematic universe as its own distinct thing. I am still a little worried about this movie ultimately being a Guardians of the Galaxy knock-off, and I think audiences are done with “lasers in the sky” finales, but Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn is SO fantastic, and Will Smith seems to be going full Movie Star as Deadshot. I think people will be very happy with this movie.

During the panel people caught Viola Davis being totally done with Jared Leto and his Method sh*t. If you’ve paid the least little bit of attention to Suicide Squad, you’ve heard how Leto stayed in character as Joker, how he sent a rat to Margot Robbie, and a dead pig to his co-stars, and basically made him being the Joker the most obnoxious thing that’s ever happened to the people who worked with him. Well, if the photos are anything to go by, Viola Davis is 100% done with it. We should start placing bets on whether or not Jared Leto will make it through the press tour without getting punched in the face.