Mimi's reality show, or "docuseries", premieres in two weeks. Happy Holidays everyone! A new trailer for Mariah's World was released yesterday. And, not surprisingly, the show has been changed. There's been an edit.

Previously, Mariah's World was supposed to about her tour and managing her career while planning her wedding. That wedding has been permanently paused. So, as I've been expecting since the announcement of Mimi's breakup with James Packer, they came up with a new storyline - about the hot, young dancer, Bryan Tanaka who can't stop grinding on her. Because she's Mimi, the skinniest and sexiest and most irresistible. And don't forget skinny. Really skinny.

Bryan has been with her almost every time she's stepped out after the engagement blew up. And Bryan is all over this trailer. Or, rather, Bryan is all over Mimi in this trailer. To the point where, hilariously, two of her advisors have a (super fake) conversation about Bryan's crush on Mimi. And how he won't be turned away easily. I mean...

The rest of the trailer is exactly what you'd expect of "Mariah's World". That is to say it's amazing. It's Mimi, constantly, in every scene, surrounded by sycophants hootin' and hollerin' every time she so much as blinks. Because, as we know, even the simple act of blinking, for Mimi, is a "moment".

Still. "Mariah is the most low-maintenance person on this tour." Like, those words actually come out of her manager's mouth. This Stella Bulochnikov, though. My smutty senses are feeling worse and worse about Stella.

Here's Mimi performing at Disneyland yesterday for their Christmas special.