Mission: Impossible 5 looks like a blast

Sarah Posted by Sarah at June 5, 2015 14:32:53 June 5, 2015 14:32:53

After the back-to-back highs of Avengers: Age of Ultron and Mad Max: Fury Road, I’m kind of in a blockbuster hangover zone where I’ve lost interest in seeing more blockbusters. Like despite Chris Pratt’s charm offensive, Jurassic World is off my radar entirely. But a new trailer for Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation (here is a franchise that really needs to use numbers and not subtitles) promises that there is still some action-movie fun left to be had this summer. It looks super fun, though the lack of flamethrower guitars is kind of a bummer. It actually looks like what the Fast/Furious franchise wants to be, which is: crafty spy missions wrapped around bonkers action sequences, only that actually works for Mission: Impossible because Tom Cruise and everyone involved understands the kind of movie they’re making. No one on the Fast/Furious movies understand what movie they’re actually making.

When the first trailer was released I wished for more Simon Pegg and Jeremy Renner and less of Tom Cruise’s naked torso, and because I am magic (see also: the live-action Fantasia movie), this new trailer features more Pegg/Renner and less terrifying torso. Speaking of Renner, he appeared at the Houston Comic Con a couple weeks ago and according to the talent wranglers there, he was on his best behavior, friendly and accommodating to the fans. The M:I5 press tour is going to be so interesting, with Renner still working his way out of the internet’s doghouse after his flop Avengers tour, and the lingering question of whether or not anyone will bring up Xenu hanging over Tom Cruise’s head. Let’s make it a two-for-one and ask Jeremy Renner if Xenu is a “slut”.

Attached - Tom continuing to shoot Mena on location in Georgia.

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