I sure don’t. Nothing about this movie has ever made any goddamn sense, and now there’s a second trailer for us to deal with. The first trailer made this look like a sequel that would fill in the Huntsman’s backstory while also dealing with the aftermath of Snow White and the Huntsman. This new trailer, though, says it’s a prequel, with a narrator proclaiming this is “the story before Snow White”. What the f*ck, Huntsman, make up your mind.

What we learn in this trailer is that Evil Elsa turns evil because her sister kills her child in a burning bed scenario, which is intense. So the evil sisters are fighting, and somehow the magic mirror is involved, and for some reason the Huntsman and Jessica Chastain are fighting one or both of the sisters, and maybe also the mirror? Sure. Why not. They’re fighting a mirror.

Parts of this look okay enough, like the costumes and the actiony bits, and like Lainey said, it’s always fun to watch Charlize Theron be mean to people. But its franchise predecessor was modestly successful at best, and no one asked for whatever this movie is. I don’t know who this was made for, and two trailers into the marketing campaign I can’t tell what kind of movie we’re dealing with. All I know for sure is that Emily Blunt is riding a polar bear. This movie is going to be ridiculous.

Attached - Emily Blunt shopping in Beverly Hills on Tuesday.