Justin Timberlake, newly engaged, was in Vegas yesterday at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show to present MySpace TV on Panasonic. You’ll recall, Timberlake invested in MySpace last year.

Justin spoke at the event in support of the new initiative. The video is hilarious. Not because he’s hilarious but because, well, he’s not. And still the sycophantic nerds in suits around him can’t help but titter and giggle at everything he says. I mean, I’m not saying he had to hire a speechwriter to put together something much funnier, more clever, but at the same time, you don’t have to go there, you know? You don’t have to go to the Dick In The Box or the Mother-Lover. You could just play it straight, you could talk with passion about whatever it is you’re trying to sell...

I would cringe a lot less.

Or, you know, just...


Don’t do anything but sing.

Remember last year, around this time, JT thought he actually had a shot at a Best Supporting Actor nomination? I am STILL laughing.