Angelina Jolie and her kids are now in Gozo, Malta. (All the pap agencies are heading there now. Yay for Tourism Malta!) They were photographed today in a boat where Brad Pitt is expected to join them so that they can begin their working honeymoon, shooting a new film that the Jolie wrote called By The Sea. It’s supposed to be an “intimate character-driven drama” about a married couple.

So at first you were all like, GREAT!, let’s have some Pitt Porn, right? US Weekly  reported earlier this week, before the marriage announcement, that the two would be shooting some “crazy sex scenes”.

But then I read today that the storyline involves the couple becoming “sexually obsessed with their neighbours”. Melanie Laurent will play one of the neighbours.

Wait. So we’re not getting any Brange love scenes? Or are their love scenes a result of creeping on their neighbours?

Another possibility: Angelina directs her husband, Brad, grinding up on top of Melanie Laurent. Three-way maybe?

Sure, OK. We’ve not seen that side of Jolie in a while.