When I watched the movie trailer for Collide last night, for the first 30 seconds, I was in. Nicholas Hoult and Felicity Jones. They’re so beautiful. They’re in love. It’s a summer love movie – I’m in!

It is not a summer love movie.

Because all of a sudden Nick – whose character’s name is “Casey”, and I’ve never liked the name “Casey” – is frantically driving around in a car and Ben Kingsley’s putting on what I think is an offensive accent and…

The f-ck is Anthony Hopkins doing in this movie too? What happened to my summer love movie?!?

Well. I should have known. Collide is not a title that inspires a lot of hope. That said, Collide is directed by the same guy who brought us Welcome To The Punch. So some people are like, oh, it’s going to be way better than a garden variety Jason Statham movie! OK. Maybe it’s just a bad trailer?

Also attached- Nicholas Hoult on the set of Rebel In The Rye last week in New York.