Burberry show at London Fashion Week. Nicholas Hoult in a leather jacket. That’s a good present, right? God he is SO cute.

Anyway, he took his sister, Rosanna. Rosanna is also an actor. She’s 32. And I’m only telling you her age because I’m playing Duana right now and asking about Rosanna for that generation. Right? It’s like finding a 25 year old Nancy – they don’t exist!

So it was Rosanna’s birthday yesterday and that’s why they were at the Burberry show. He told ELLE that:

“Because it's her birthday! And going to a fashion show seems like a nice thing to do on your birthday.”

How nice of him also to give a great segue to the Burberry bag that I bought last night for whoever wins the Red Carpet contest. Look at it isn’t it so beautiful why can’t I keep it?

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