From gawky schoolboy to A-lister's love - but how long can About A Boy star Nicholas Hoult hold on to Hollywood's hottest property, Jennifer Lawrence?

The f-cking Daily Mail, of course.

Nicholas Hoult was at Sundance for Young Ones, directed by Jake Paltrow. Look at that. Nicholas is now connected to my G. Which I totally would have asked him about before asking about Jennifer Lawrence. He’s taking the Jennifer Lawrence questions well though. I mean, he would have to expect it, right? This is what he wanted to avoid last year during her campaign. And in deciding to get back together, I imagine that would have been addressed…?

This is a civilian perspective though. And, as we know, the celebrity perspective is always warped. These are actors, with fragile egos and narcissistic preoccupations. ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME. It’s worse when they’re young. So, what’s it like for a young man, a young actor, who is dating the most popular girl in Hollywood? 

Naively I’d like to believe that since Hoult is not pure Hollywood, and has spent so much of his life at home in England not absorbing the f-cking bullsh-t that surrounds you in LA, he’s less driven by ME than some of his peers. Naive, I know. Besides, he had his own fangirl situation walking around the village to boost his spirits if he was low.