I feel like picking a fight today.

A reader called Natalie just sent me these videos: Nicholas Hoult’s ads for Jaguar. Or, rather, Nicholas Hoult playing a nerd villain for Jaguar?

Despite the fact that he dated Jennifer Lawrence for a few years, Hoult is not a household name. I’m not sure he’s even internet famous. Which is why there’s nothing here in block bold letters telling you:


A lot of people watching this might think he’s just a commercial actor, telling you about Jaguar. Like the Trivago guy, only better put together, not hungover, and he’s wearing a belt.

I just like the way he says “chassis”. Chassis is a word that doesn’t match its meaning. Which is probably why I can never remember it.


Who else does ads for Jaguar? 

Ah yes. BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH FOR JAGUAR. Pffftttt. I’ll take Hoult, please.

Fight picked!