This was my reaction last night when Sarah messaged me that Nicholas Hoult had joined Twitter. She thought I was screaming about Jennifer Lawrence’s fans taunting him pretty much the minute he posted his first message. Frankly that made me happy. Maybe their crazy will scare him off it. 

As you know, Hoult is currently #2 on my Five List. And bad things happen when people on my Five List start tweeting. See Tom Hiddleston. Or, rather, UN-see Tom Hiddleston’s Twitter.

Nick doesn’t strike me as the type to puke out exclamation point after exclamation point on Twitter, or throw down some Yeats to compliment the setting sun, but still, I worry. Because ultimately actors are narcissistic and self-indulgent. And they can’t help themselves. Having said that, as we are ever optimistic when it comes to celebrities, and therefore always end up disappointed, perhaps he’s the exception, and will only tweet the most obvious promotional messages without much personality.

Attached - Nick at the LA premiere of Warm Bodies last night. It opens this weekend. And, as I noted previously, the movie is clever enough and knows it’s silly too and is funny, sometimes very funny, because of that. If you go, you will love him after, I promise.