The UK Sun reports that Nicholas Hoult is now dating Dianna Agron. Agron is in London to work on a play about Alexander McQueen. Apparently they started just hanging out with mutual friends and gradually progressed to more. Supposedly he takes her to quiz nights at the local and out for Sunday roast at the pub. No pictures yet but they were also seen kissing recently on one of their neighbourhood bar nights. So it’s a thing. Maybe not a serious, long-term thing, but it’s a thing. Like maybe a spring/summer thing?

I’m into it. Because at the moment, they’re equals. He enjoys working, he gets enough work, and he hasn’t been super thirsty to go next level with his fame. And Agron is going to live pretty much where she lives right now. Dianna Agron is not going to be Jennifer Lawrence. That might sound harsh, but this kind of thing matters if they’re about to start a Hollywood relationship. It’s what Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe looked like at the beginning. I’m not sure that Nicholas has the potential to be a Reese but I definitely see Agron as the Phillippe.