A great week is only getting better, starting the second day in a row with Nicholas Hoult, currently in the #2 position on my Five List. Here he is in a well tailored suit at the premiere of Warm Bodies in Rome. My cousin Cat wrote to me yesterday, “I can’t believe About A Boy is so hot! I loved him in that movie!”

I’m telling you, in person it’s even better. Click here for my initial observations when I interviewed him at the junket in LA a couple of weeks ago. Other details? We talked about dream brains. In the movie, when the zombies eat human brains, they re-live the memories of the brains they’re consuming. Nick told me his “dream brain” was Henry VIII. When I relayed this later to Rob Cordry, his response, hilariously, was “Of course it was Henry VIII, that English punk”. Rob’s, you’ll note, was Don Knotts.

I didn’t ask him about Jennifer Lawrence. At that point it hadn’t been reported yet that they’d broken up. I did however ask him about how a mute zombie-human love story is a metaphor for real relationships. He was like, yeah, I generally communicate by grunting and offering canned foods anyway. This will make more sense to you when you see the movie, which you should, because it’s good, and if you need further incentive, Warm Bodies was directed by Jonathan Levine who previously worked on 50/50.

Anyway, this all went down on January 6. And while I didn’t go there on Lawrence, my friend Natasha from ET Canada did slide one in, asking Nick whether or not he thought Warm Bodies was a good date movie and if he’d take his girlfriend Jennifer Lawrence to see it. He answered to the effect of, “God no, I would never make her sit through a movie with me in it on a date.” For what that’s worth, if anything.