Or risk instant divorce. Must have been part of the prenup.

Nick Cannon accompanied his wife to the screening of her movie Tennessee on Friday night and spent the entire evening making sure never to stand in front of her. Hovering always just behind her, holding her hand or her waist, presenting her as his queen, Nick adheres to his marital obligations with a smile…

And why not?

Making Mimi happy is a privilege. I’d love the opportunity to make Mimi happy. It would make my life.

Last week I was thisclose to interviewing her when she was in Toronto for Canadian Idol. She cancelled all press at the last minute. I cried. But at the same time, it was like a rite of passage. You haven’t really lived until Mimi bails on you, or makes you wait 10 hours for an interview.

Sasha and Dean sent this around last week. We’ve watched it, like, 10 times over and over. She’s…


Seriously I could watch her all day. With dolphins.

Photos from Wenn.com