Nick Presents Mimi!

Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 5, 2008 09:54:41 September 5, 2008 09:54:41

Now here’s an occasion when The Presentation is actually warranted. Of course Mariah Carey should be presented. Of course she should be guided around by her consort, presented like a princess at a Hello Kitty ball. Of course she should be. She makes for a much better than Katie Holmes anyway.

As you can see, Nick Cannon is taking the GMD’s signature move and making it all his own. It doesn’t hurt that she’s wearing her version of the Cinderella slipper – half diamond, half tart heel, all tacky ass amazing cheese.

Mimi will be performing at Fashion Rocks this weekend and, heads up Canada, Mimi will also be at Canadian Idol next week, coming in to Toronto smack in the middle of the most dramatic time of year.

Mimi Cheese at TIFF!

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