The Daily Mail is reporting exclusively that Nick Cannon has signed a book deal and will be writing about all the sh-t that went down between him and Mimi…


Do you want to know?

Of course you want to f-cking know.

But I have some questions. There was a confidentiality clause that was part of their prenup. He has to pay her $250K if he violates it. I mean, sure, he could say that whatever he makes off the book would easily be more than that…but it’s still a big hit.

Supposedly Nick wants more than the $10 million that Mimi’s giving him for the divorce. The Mail says he demanded $30 million, knowing the amount was so outrageous that she would refuse, opening up opportunities for him to make up that money somewhere else.

In publishing?

They don’t throw around big money deals in publishing all that often. Click here to see a list of the biggest book advances of all time. Pick out the entertainers on that list. I don’t see how he’s going to get anywhere near $30 million.

A movie deal after the book?

That would mean a production company would have to pay Nick all those millions and risk a lawsuit from Mimi that might ground the project for a while. I don’t get the math on this story. Do you?

Attached - Mariah Carey catching a flight out of St. Barts the other day.