Or is it?

I am sitting beside Sasha this week in Toronto at work. Sasha and our other friend Dean and I love Mimi together like extra a lot. I mean, she’s kind of our life force. So I just turned to Sasha after seeing these shots of Mimi’s husband Nick Cannon in New York the other day trying to, um, BREAK THE WORLD RECORD FOR HUGS, and, understandably disgusted, to say: This is VILE and GROSS and beneath our Mimi.

And then Sasha schooled me.

“Of course it isn’t? She is the tackiest sh-t ever. And this is why she’s amazing. Would we be happy if Mimi hooked up with someone legitimately awesome? Never! We love her because this is exactly what Mimi loves. Mimi is down with the kind of guy GIVING OUT HUGS - in Queens (of all places!!!) - to break a Guinness record. That is her motherf-cking deal! Butterflies!”

Sasha is wise. And knows our Mimi so well.

Photos from Wenn.com