Recognise this boy? Boy now man?

It’s Nick Carter.

Yeah, Nick Carter. From the Backstreet Boys!

Confession: remember when we had to pick sides? Backstreet vs N Sync? I picked Backstreet. I still can’t decide if this was right or wrong.

Anyway, Nick Carter dated Ebola Hilton. It was a dramatic, volatile relationship. His infection ran deep but Nick Carter’s is a survivor’s story. That Ebola, it will destroy your life, send you to the darkest places, and hold you down in those places, but Nick has proven that it is possible to claw your way back and come out even better the other side.

Like, he’s hot, right?

So hot he probably needs to be careful. Ebola might want another stab at it.

Nick is featured in this month’s People – a very frank interview, especially by People’s standards, about his drug and alcohol abuse and subsequent heart problems. He’s clean now. And fit. And NOT living in LA.

Click here for more about Nick. Wish him well. Hope for him that Ebola stays away.