People have been talking about Nick Jonas since the end of the summer. I’ve not posted once about him. Part of it is because I didn’t quite believe it would stick. But Nick Jonas seems to be sticking.

Is it the song? Is it Jealous?

I mean, it’s a good song. It’s not a song I blast on repeat but it’s not JLO’s Booty either. And a friend of mine the other day, a real dude DOOD, was listening to it over and over again in the car. At that moment I wondered if Nick Jonas should become a recurring character. Some would argue that he might actually already be a series regular. He’s everywhere right now, talking about how he threw out his purity ring, with Jimmy Kimmel talking about how he doesn’t know classic gangster movies, with a great sense of humour of how his song was charting, and at the Thanksgiving Day parade today…

So... I’m putting it to you. You decide. How much Nick Jonas do you need on this blog, in your life? He was, always, the cutest brother, wasn’t he? Even though he’s inherited his family’s torso proportion.