Also at the GM gala this weekend and what a difference 12 months makes. Do you remember the same event last year? On the heels of his separation, Jessica had been linked to everyone from Jude Law to Johnny Knoxville to Adam Levine, and both Adam AND Nick show up at the venue…it was totally awkward, smutty reports flying left and right, Nick kept his head down and took the blows. Turns out it was a GREAT game plan. The “sensitive husband”, the one who did not want to part, ended up releasing a pretty successful album, selling more copies than the Bimbo, and landing a new Beauty Queen on his arm…one that knows the art of standing behind her man to bulk up her bank account. So upon his annual return to the GM Style Show, can you blame Nick for looking a little smug? Especially when his little lady was in the audience, supposedly clapping her face off in a very public display of pride for her prince? That ‘Nessa is so crafty, isn’t she? Still …even though he’s too Meathead to be my type, not feeling the Carb Face either… it’s nice to see Nick so happy. And between Nick and Ben Affleck, Ken Sunshine has also had a very, very good year. Jennifer Aniston might want to switch reps…I’m just sayin’. Source