I like my men a little on the lean side – take a look at the Freebie 5 and I think it’s quite evident. Lanky, long limbs, defined muscles, ripped but not bulging, not brawny, and definitely, definitely not beefy. It’s a matter of personal taste, I understand not all of you agree, I understand the Herculean ideal appeals to many if not most but I have to tell you, I’m really, really not down with the gym-hunks. First and foremost it’s because I ignorantly and stereotypically (sorry…) believe that all work-out dudes are steroid monkeys, therefore dumb, therefore not at all attractive. But there’s also an aesthetic explanation behind my prejudice and that has everything to do with the big chest. Guys with big chests are incapable of bringing their arms close to their bodies without looking like they’re pressing their man boobs together, resulting in that awkward limbo pose, shoulders far apart, arms floating awkwardly several inches away from the upper thigh, which inevitably makes the arms look shorter and stubbier, throwing off any sense of proportion, displeasing in and of itself without having to look at the resulting muscle freak and wonder if his vocabulary consists of anything more than a very long duhhhhh… And THIS is why I’ve never found Nick Lachey attractive. As you can see…Nick Lachey is a meathead. Photos from Saving Face