Some people are way better looking in person than in photos. Petra Nemcova is a good example. Not that she doesn’t look good in photos, only in person, she’s more than just a freakishly beautiful, garden variety supermodel.

Vanessa Minnillo is also of this category. And you know already my thoughts on her pageant fashion pageant fashion.

But last night I finally saw her in person at Diddy’s party. In the flesh, Vanessa Minnillo is…


She arrived, of course, with Nick Lachey and his good friend Jimmie Johnson and his wife. I was expecting the full on Miss America. And while last night certainly could have been an anomaly, up close, Vanessa Minnillo is gorgeous. Gorgeous.

Had her hair half up, tumbling down her back. A very non-prom dress, black peep toe Louboutins, the most amazing skin, and a super wattage smile… obviously Nessa brought her A game for a potential show-down with Jessica. When she left, my producer Michelle and I turned to each other open-mouthed, crushing a little on her gorgessity.

Interestingly enough, she also continued to play the demure female, always deliberately standing BEHIND Nick during interviews, declining to be interviewed herself, declining to participate in anything but a brief photo op, and requesting to be taken to the VIP area as soon as possible to let Nick do his thing with the press.

This girl knows how to play. Because right now, she is not an overreacher. She bagged her babe, she understands her limitations, and she is content to be the trophy lover reaping rewards behind closed doors. Respect.

Needless to say, Nick is smitten. Like openly smitten. At one point after posing, he pulled her in close for a lips to ear nuzzle and whisper, stroking her back, pushing his hips into hers. And it didn’t feel contrived either. Cute rather than revolting. And genuine. In fact, it felt so genuine that his publicist objected, and practically scolded the two for getting too intimate before separating them and restoring the peace.

After all, when it comes to PR, fake is good. Real is bad. Kinda like mainland China and their knock off designer bags.

Word is the Nick and Nessa were pretty gropey all night long. Here she is just before heading to Phoenix in LA at Goa. Not the best photo. And her hair was totally different when I saw her. It’s the bangs I think.

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