Nick Lachey is very, very nice. Very well mannered, very professional, seemingly intelligent, and surprisingly well spoken. I think it would be hard not to like him. Quivering for him, however, is another matter entirely.

But there were many people quivering for him last night at Matt Leinart’s party, our second party of the evening, also in support of a charitable cause. Again, a crowd of people waiting, and when he arrived, it was squeal city. I saw one woman actually sobbing. Like stretching her arms out and sobbing as she tried to reach for him.

I always ask myself in these situations – did I cry for Simon LeBon the way these people these days cry for their idols? But I’m not really a crier. When I was younger, I used to cry watching tv. Then one day my mother set me straight after she caught me getting emotional over a Chinese soap:

Cry? What cry? Mrs Chow cheat me at mahjong – I lost two hundred! Why you not cry for mommy?

You know she had a point.

And this was a grown woman losing her sh*t over Nick Lachey. Seriously.

Now David Beckham, I totally understand. But Nick Lachey? In person the carb face is even worse, comes complete with rolls and sh*t. Fit body, carby face, far from quiver.

And far from his Nessa? Nessa wasn’t with him. Not sure if Nessa will be with him this weekend. But we all hope so. Because it’s shaping up to be an ex showdown: Nick and Nessa vs JeRomo.

Do you love it, or do you love it?