Been ages since Nick Lachey and his paqeant girl Vanessa Minnillo have been seen on the scene. But you know how these things work, right?

Nick is the host of ABC’s High School Musical Get in the Picture. The show premieres on Sunday... amazingly enough, Nick and Nessa turned up at Katsuya for dinner last night, greeted by the paparazzi.

Like clockwork, see?

Have to admire though that Nick isn’t too proud to earn a living. Instead of persisting with a recording career, he’s now content to host cheesy variety programs that will keep him front and centre and put money in the bank. It’s humble, it’s flexible, slightly embarrassing but the key message: Nick Lachey is not an overreacher.

Jessica Alba, Biel, Sarah Michelle’s a lesson they could all stand to learn. But those tv girls do not know their limits.

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