Straight up – I’m not a fan of their music. To me…it all sounds the same.

But that’s personal preference. And a large number of Nickelback fans probably can’t stand Radiohead…so we’re all even.

What I will say about Nickelback is that they are, for the most part, the nicest, nicest, nicest guys. A band that sells out massive arenas, something like 30 million albums sold world wide and still polite. And Canadian. And super cool. And…like…HOT.

I’m telling you – not usually my type, STILL not my type, never in a million years would I have expected to see the hotness in Nickelback but they walked into the eTalk Lounge, really chill vibe, no pretensions, totally relaxed. I was blogging for next to the photo wall when they were posing for photos and all of a sudden I looked up and all four of their asses in jeans were staring back at me and all four of their asses in jeans were FOINE…though I can’t decide between the drummer and the brother.