Nicki Minaj arrived in Vancouver yesterday to kick off the Canadian Leg of her tour. As you can see, her face is ready. And her ass! People keep asking me if it's real. Looks really real to me. Tiny little body, bombastic big ass. Amazing.

So here's an example of how the British tabloids can drop some dumb sh-t. Earlier this week, the papers here in London reported a story about how Nicki is coming to the Royal Wedding:

"Nicki Minaj is reportedly set to attend the royal wedding. The singer — who’s currently on tour across America and Canada — is said to have hired a private jet to fly her to the UK and out of the country for the special occasion, as she wants to witness the ceremony firsthand. Minaj does not have an invite to the wedding, but has apparently booked an apartment near to Westminster Abbey, where the nuptials will take place, and from where she can watch the day’s events unfold. It is rumored she has even selected a regal outfit to wear for her visit."

If she's really planning to be here for this event, she'll have to pretty much get on a plane by noon Pacific Time. I took at 6pm flight to London last Friday, it landed at 11:30am Saturday local time. The ceremony is in the morning, around that time. So...she'd be in Vancouver for 24 hours and then cross North America and the Atlantic to get to London? I mean, I guess it's not impossible. It just seems... not very logistically smart.

Doesn't mean I don't hope it happens. I do. Because don't you want to see the definition of a Nicki Minaj "regal outfit"?

Photos from PUNKD Images