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Kathleen wrote about Remy Ma’s shETHER the other day, a direct rap-attack on Nicki Minaj. And as of this morning, Nicki has still not responded. And Remy is coming for her again with a follow-up diss track appropriated titled Another One, calling out Nicki again on all the previous points AND for being so slow on rap retaliation. Which…well… isn’t a good look. Rap battles are part of the rap game and if your claim is that you are hip-hop’s premiere woman, staying silent for 5 days is weak.

Nicki’s fans insist that Nicki doesn’t have to answer, that her opt-out is her power. And that’s fine…if you’re Taylor Swift. But Nicki’s reputation has always been that you better be careful if you decide to step to her. Because she’s built her brand on her ability to clap back, whether it’s at Taylor or at Giuseppe Zanotti. If she’s not clapping back, it undermines her OWN image – the one she created. Especially since one the things Remy’s targeting is that Nicki doesn’t write her own rhymes.

But she’s in Paris. At Fashion Week.

F-ck Fashion Week.

Get in the studio and spit it out. As Kid Fury said on The Read, at this point, there’s probably no way Nicki’s return diss track can be as savage as Remy’s but you still have to do it! You still have to participate in the process! If you want to occupy a throne in this world, you have to abide by the code of that world!

Instead, Nicki remains mute and in her absence, Remy has taken over the stage. And this will explain if the rest of my day is shot to hell. Because Remy was on Wendy Williams this morning and I haven’t watched the whole thing yet…but this is almost enough for me to lose my entire afternoon on Twitter, just watching the memes that come out of the interview. 

First of all, she dressed for a funeral.

And then…this:

Like, I can barely stand at this point. I’m dead from this amazingness.

Girl Sh-t is the best sh-t. Is it bad sh-t for us to be celebrating girl sh-t? On the contrary, Remy Ma is competing with Nicki Minaj through WORK. She’s engaging all her skills, accumulated through her career, and she’s showing her work to challenge the work of a rival. And asking that rival to show her work in return. Remy is asking Nicki to hit the ball back. Nicki just can’t seem to return it. At least not yet.

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